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The Porta Potty Races

Saturday, February 24th, 2024

11:30 am-3:30 pm

Nothing breathes life into a frigid winter day like sailing across the frozen ground in a homemade porta potty. Just ask the over 300 attendees at our event in last year, held at The Smiling Moose in Newton.


For those unfamiliar with the ins and outs of porta potty racing, the official rules state that all competing lavatories have three walls and a toilet seat, leaving room for a wide range of design strategies to slip and flip. Participants build their own racing loos, homemade structures built atop skis, so their porta-potties level up from portable to race-able. Within each unique exterior sits a courageous “driver,” operating the latrine with nerves of steel-- not that they have any control. The true feats of athleticism and balance are performed by the racing teams, three or fewer member crews that push and pull their contraptions 30 yards to cross the finish line.

It’s no small feat racing an outhouse—or watching someone else do it from the sidelines. Our event provides the fuel all day long, serving food, drinks, raffles, and family fun.




Think you can race a porta potty?
Sign your team up TODAY!

The cost of registration is $40 per team. Teams of up to 5 members will assemble their own customized "porta potty" to race down a snowy strip. The winner is determined with a double-elimination bracket and will take home the trophy and prizes!

A complete list of rules can be found HERE.

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